On the other hand, what is not a handicap, is as it is all my own material  no clever  educated nor semi-educated bugger can accuse me of plagiarism.
 I know I had a dig at the no smoke brigand on the library page and while I don't disagree with the fact is is a dirty smelly pursuit however like the planet warming brigand the reasons for their crusades are some what or even grossly misleading or in my opinion especially with tobacco straight out .ucking lying.
This problem does not apply to such an extent with the other books although copyrights and disclaimers et cetera are pretty much the same. The problem has only come about because they were all published to the internet at the same time but once past the first few pages the problem will pretty much solve itself.
If you have actually read thus far, and before you read any excerpt from any of the BOB BOOKS, I will apologize for the repetitiveness of some of them however that is one of the handicaps of taking the excerpts in sequence and is unavoidable as the first few pages have some identical material. And after stating they are in sequence and not knowing who has read what, nor knowing what some educated bugger may consider misrepresentation, I have copied them pretty much word for word, although having said that, some alterations of text and images has occurred, over time with the constant revisions.