PLEASE NOTE; the download size quoted is not to be taken as gospel because it varies considerably depending on the software used to convert it. Because I  use a number of non-web safe fonts and even though I had converted all the books  to PDF which is supposed to solve that problem   some computers and what have you were still converting some fonts to  the nearest that was available resulting in a horrible looking mess. Consequently I have converted them all to images which has increased their size or weight considerably with this book becoming 39.4 MB nevertheless now you hopefully will get what I thought you would. Although having said that if your phone or whatever can display the web-site and you can navigate your way through it to the download page I guess it should display the downloaded book, I know all my gizmos do. Although the bigger the screen the easier they are to read, likewise the smaller the screen the harder it is to read.
This download version of PREPARING  THE  HOMO  SAPIEN MIND FOR ALIEN GOVERNACE. has the same content as the  a5 sized soft covered book   therefore the excerpt  and synopsis are the same and can be seen at the                alternately you can return to the