please note !!  this site is  currently under the pen or the axe to some degree nothing is truly finished because when you are living in the real world nothing is static.
Don't for a moment lose sight of the fact or unthinkingly dismiss it as gobbledygook  that nothing is as it seems when dissimulated with the right hemisphere which appears to be the thought process used by default by the majority these days, buggeral information received via any electronic  means is allowed access to the masses left hemisphere where logic and reason prevails. All incoming data is deliberately formatted in such a way that it closes  gods default route(the clergies supposably freedom of choice)to the left hemisphere and reroutes it straight to the right, where what it sees  (or hears) is what it is !! end of story no further thought, debate, or discussion is deemed nessacary.
As far as the SSL certificate goes the site is now being hosted from another provider complete with its new certificate which more likely than not won't make it any more secure,  but it will in the minds of the know no better majority, and while I have plenty more to say about this whole bloody drama I think is best said on my rant page on sometime.
Please note !!    because this site appears to have recovered somewhat from its physical health problems the threat and usage of the axe has been removed,  unfortunately the pen is still in the hands of the same author whose mental state has not yet be fully diagnosed.
And as far as the first sentence pertaining to the axe and the pen the same thing could be said about all my books and website because  not so much the world itself but these things the extraterrestrial Gods created then put the idea into their / our heads that we should  / would be known as homo sapiens are in a greater state of flux than ever before. Consequently almost everything I write today  has more often than not been arse about faced within a relatively short time.
When I eventually  get up on my soapbox  and start looking at what appears to be a  .ucking scam, I guarantee it won't be hard to find a connection to them, who or whatever they or them .ucking are,  although in this case its more than likely the likes of goggle, Microsoft and others have create the threat, then indoctrinate  the masses to believe that they must have  a supposedly secure site otherwise nobody will  even open it because they are convinced that some bugger will empty their bank account or blackmail them with something the silly buggers have themselves published to the internet.
Nobody needs to be very well educated or bright to understand why we were conditioned or more aptly indoctrinated to believe the country needed  a mixed member proportional representation (MMP)  type government which the sheep predictably voted one into power, or in our indoctrinated  right hemisphere mind thinking believed  the election result was the doings of democracy in action. Obviously why we still have mmp is so as they, (who .ucking ever they are, c-300, extraterrestrials gods or otherwise) can open & shut doors thereby embedding these parasites, not that any of them realize it into positions  where they all do more harm than good. These higher placed useful fools, are c-300 5th columnists in the true sense of the word hidden in plain view for anyone that wants to look or see them. And as incredible as it is, the majority perhaps as many as 80% of the population still think they know the definition of the word 'democracy' which incidentally is supposedly a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.