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     While I have not been BACK-WARDS in inserting DISCLAIMERS as to the accuracies or otherwise as to what has been written in the books, it has just  occurred to me while altering  some text I copied from one of the books  it would  no longer  be exactly the same. So to avoid anyone the expense of hiring a LAWYER I will categorically state here. While the excerpts and anything else ( including images ) are in most cases 100% the same as the books copied from, in a small number of places they may differ slightly. This has occurred because as the period this material covers, gets longer my opinions and take on most subjects has changed or moved. SHIT O DEAR I started  writing in about 2007, now it is 2013 and I am still buggerring  around with it, and changing some to almost the opposite, because, sometimes some altering or clarification is required.
Shit o dear !! it is now almost 2020, bloody unbelievable
ARTICLE 03a POSTAGE / FREIGHT WITHIN NEW ZEALAND; Normally postage and handling  is $5.00 for the first book with $1.50  per each additional book, but if you buy more than four (4) indicate in the comment box your preference for one of the others and I will include that title free to go some way towards the multiple freight charges. Likewise buy the eight (8) and only pay for six plus the freight  charge on two (2).

  ARTICLE 03b POSTAGE / FREIGHT OUTSIDE NEW ZEALAND; Please clarify & confirm freight charge and other than New Zealand dollar  (NZD)  total order price before clicking the submit /  order button.

  ARTICLE 04; I could write up a pretentious, 100,000 word, long winded, bombastic terms and condition, Double Dutch yarn here like most other sites have but at the end of the day all deals done in New Zealand are governed by the
FAIR TRADING ACT 1986 and the CONSUMERS GUARANTIES ACT 1993, or any updated act,  so is there really any need for anything else?
C robberteebobs books
 ARTICLE 01 ORDERING: on receiving your order it will be confirmed by email, then within 24 hours of us receiving payment or evidence that payment has been made depending on the order size every endeavor will be made to dispatch said order. if you have any special requirements regarding delivery please note them on the comments area of the order form.     ARTICLE 02 PAYMENT; Once you have decided on your purchase and followed through by submitting the order the books are technically yours, but ownership will not be formalized and absolute until payment is confirmed. Likewise with the e-books you will receive a receipt by e-mail informing you that payment has been received and a link by which you can download your book, or notification that its arrival in your inbox is emminent.  ( Once a actual book order has been paid for and dispatched with the appropriate tracking system in place ownership is formally transferred to you) While I know that no matter how much you may enjoy a book it can be tainted by any sort of problem before you actually have it in your hands. Therefore if the order appears and is shown to be lost, damaged, or whatever misfortune has befallen it I will at my discretion either refund / reverse payment or replace the order.
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 THIS IS NOT PART OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ; However like all the others, I could have printed thousands of words to cover the sale of in some cases a $2.00 article. Not with standing or detracting from anything stated above the simple matter is I want reading these books to be an enjoyable few hours for you and that time includes actually getting hold of them. I know if it is hassle free you are going to be more inclined to tell your friends and family to buy some for themselves. I certainly do not want my name linked to a scam / fraud / swindle or plastered all over some blogging site as somebody running a fraudulent scheme, in short a SCAMMER.
GOBBLEDYGOOK, is pretentious, or unintelligible jargon such as  used by officials, nonsense,   twaddle, gibberish, mumbo jumbo, double talk, which to many is what the billions of words some semi educated intellectual expect everyone to read before being able to download anything, even though they know most will not bother or be able to understand most of it. However, having said that it has occurred to me that it may be prudent if I did include some myself, and after looking at this site have decided that there is a couple of things that some clever .astard could make MISCHIEF FROM.  DISCLAIMER(1) I know there are many knowledgeable people out there that will notice  particularly with the VEHICLES some FUEL TANKS, SPARE WHEELS, etcetera are on the wrong side. While again many will know this has come about when I changed the orientation of the image to better suit the text, a few MISCHIEF MAKERS who in reality are no more cleverer than a cart load of monkeys (with no disrespect to the moneys no matter what race or creed) will undoubtedly, wrongly claim it has been done in an effort to fraudulently change the image. (2) I cannot, and will NOT be held responsible if some NASTY’S came down the wire when an e-book was downloaded and managed to evade your computers security arrangements.
 FINALLY or until I think of something else, as the revenue generate by this venture is below the Goods and Services threshold there is no GST content included in any of the prices quote on this or any of my websites unless otherwise stated.
ARTICLE 05:  With regards to the other buggers stuff page on  it will work something like this; for MY STUFF you come and pick it up and pay me, or you pay me and I put it on a courier.   For other buggers stuff, you email me  the particulars, and a couple of photos, and  I will post it onto the relevant page. (every bugger  will have it's own page) The buyers contact  details will go directly to your email account, you  do the deal and collect the money, however there will be  a listing fee of $2.50 per item.    Now I don't want to sound bolshie or authoritarian but after I have notified you that your item is listed I will wait 24 hours for you to email me or otherwise  your approval and  lodge the fee in my bank account, or with pay pal otherwise I will remove your listing,   because  I can see how I could be left sucking the back tit with this deal. I won't list any item over $500.00 (so don't try and sell your missus) but your whatever can stay listed until sold or for a maximum of 6 month. I will neither make nor give any promises or guarantees as to how many people will see your page or whether you will get any enquire emails, also it will be in your interest to promote the site amongst your friends and acquaintances.