While this website, bobsbooks.co.nz has been created as a platform to sell my non-fiction books, www.bbsimmpnds.co.nz has been created  as a virtual soapbox  or blog site where I can have my say on whatever occurs to me.  While some of my rants may appear irrelevant  bear in mind  the way most of us  see the world has been moulded by our life's experiences, and the older we get the more we have had. If you do read the whole thing, if nothing else you must agree that while we loosely talk of the majority as if they are all the same, on having a closer look  you soon realize that we all have our own unique stories to tell, and while I am not claiming mine is, I am happy for you to be the judge of that. Consequently they must and do  influence our thinking, therefore if I try to talk then write with a plum in my mouth to make it more Political Correct, it will no longer be a truthful account of  my life's doings, or truly  how I see what is happening in the world and closer to home, for example in our own back yard. Therefore  I hope you can spare more than a few seconds & read much of what I have had to say on my websites because I feel it will  prepare, or give you a better understanding as to the style  the books have been written in.
Your story may not be about livestock, primarily sheep, dogs, horses, old trucks and farm machinery, but having said that, no matter what you have done during your life I will be surprised if you do not come across something in one or the other of my non-fiction books, that you cannot relate to. I realized long ago that what we perceive to be the majority are no more alike than peas in a pod, nevertheless are just as controllable by a democratic government  as a mob of sheep are by a mediocre shepherd, and a few of what most of us would have considered almost useless dogs.  C robberteebobs books
 A bit about me and perhaps  a  inkling as to why l think as l do
 C robberteebobs books
Originally the first version of this website ROBBERTEE-BOBS-BOOKS.co.nz was  created as a platform for the sale of my self-written and produced books, but computers, programming and the like have completely taken over my life.  In one book, I said trucks get into your blood, but computers can take over your life completely, and to yourself every expense can be justified. When I watch and listen to the so-called news these days I am absolutely  astonished at the level of reverence that is given to sport, especially these almost parasitic whatever that my mum used to call football louts.  Here is what a corporate lawyer working in a prominent New York firm, is alleged to have  admit to a friend, he confessed that  his job was utterly meaningless, contributed nothing to the world, and, in his own estimation, should not really exist. But I bet that won't be the text of his eulogy when its read out at his funeral.
 C robberteebobs books There have been billions of good decent people gone to their graves without leaving a word behind; the vast majority of these people have in their lifetime done more for others, than anyone has given them credit for. Even the humblest farmer,farm worker, peasant, or otherwise has helped feed many more than his immediate family, but has lived and died without any fanfare. Although on the other hand, some bugger that has been nothing but a RATBAG, be it within or outside the law, or climbed a mountain somewhere, or has been skittled attempting to kill some bugger defending his own country because the establishment had convinced him he was doing it to save his own, has millions of words written about him / her and is remembered for ever. From my perspective the above is another example as to just how .ucked up we have become and how many of our values are completely ARSE about FACE.
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I would appreciate hearing from you, GOOD OR BAD so if you have anything to tell me, especially why you decided not to buy a book please click the pigeon where ever it is  and it will get you a contact form.  The downside of being a truly self published author is you can not blame someone else for the spelling and grammar mistakes.    ROBBERTEEBOBS   BOOKS  real non fiction books written and produced by  ROBBERTEEBOB   himself.
 C robberteebobs books    PATCH has the white patch on his hip  (Both those dogs came from guys that had years earlier held the  stick of authority over me)  While I would like you to buy a book or two, if you don't I can understand why you didn't however it won't alter the fact that  I am happy with the results of my labour and if you are not then that is  just 'TO BAD HOW SAD' & I am not going to lose any .ucking sleep over it.