Subsequently  I have   captured a few  bits  that were missed in the original books, plus any thoughts I have had as to what makes life what it is and wonder if we can  believe anything any bugger tells us, about anything, but what I do know is about 80% of the population of so-called civilized countries  are being molded into consumer robots without the ability to think for themselves. It seems ones intelligence is gauged on  ones ability to turn on a cell phone and text  a thousand mangled words a minute. Nobody seems to realize, nor care, that the knowledge which is the power to design these things is being funnelled into fewer & fewer hands. Even so only a very few of those inderviduals join the chosen few that are privy to the big picture but in reality even they are only told what they need to know, these are in the main warmongering  buggers that have at differant times held the big stick and unlike the millions they thave comdemed to death most always seem to  die in their own beds.              At the moment there are ten books, with three website pages each, but  the excerpts  are the only ones that will be changed, however each period has had what I have called its defining moment when something happened or the penny dropped and I realized something that  for some reason  had never occured to me before.
            Actually why this section is here goes a little deeper than that, and is about waste   (in this case wasted space),and in the following piece   I have copied and pasted from BKBOB  05 it's about wasting paper, by leaving blank pages empty; (copy starts) Even so by the time I get to the stage of actually sticking it together I can hear my mother lecturing me about “WASTE NOT , WANT NOT” and as you might expect the empty pages seem to start telling me the same, so eventually I am forced to go down a rabbit hole  and put something on them. However, that has not been much of a hardship, because probably for a different reason than what mum had, I have a strong aversion to leaving too much of a page blank. In my case, I think it stems from getting as many sheep as possible into  a wool shed at night time, ramming every bale possible into a hay barn, and last but by no means the least was by the nature of rural carrying having to run a truck around the countryside  much of the time empty. (copy ends)
C robberteebobs books
     I think the most valuable thing I learnt from this period, was if you treat your boss right 99% of bosses will treat you right, and generally if the boss is doing alright so will you. Over the years, I noticed that the buggers that moaned about the boss the most were the ones that were stealing the most from him. By falsifying time sheets and actually straight out thieving that they seemed to consider to be perks of the job. For the 17 years I was constantly under some buggers stick by following the above doctiane never once did any buggers stick come down on me. Having said that it does not necessarily mean I never helped myself to something that belonged to the boss, just that I  never took more than I had previously given. It stands to reason that in most cases your boss is smarter than you, and even if you think he does not know you helped yourself simply because nothing has been said he bloody knows alright, and once you have taken more out than you have put in the stick will come down.