(1) Because it appears that the majority of cleverer than me buggers  are of the opinion  that in order to obtain a creditable rating by search engines a page must contain actual words that  are relevant to the page.
(3) Welcome to bobsbooks site directory where you can begin your journey through my home made unprofessional website, all the pages are self explanatory so the welcome, library, e-shop, the home page, site information, the terms & conditions the site operates under & how to contact me are only a  click away.
(2) Consequently as this page was 100% images (non-text) I have written these  words to give the search engine's   robots & spiders something to evaluate. The cleverer than me further claim it is preferable if they are crafted into a short jingle  or poem, but as I am neither a poet nor a jingle writer they will have to make do with these three paragraphs as they are.