While I may have been around computers for about 30 years, I have never mastered or learnt to do more than I needed to learn at the time. Believe me I really thought I was up with the play when I got a printer and started printing out the monthly accounts from SIMMONDS TRANSPORT and presented WRIGHTSONS’ with a computer generated cash flow for my seasonal finance.
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Another thing that is hard to believe is the time I spend tapping on this keyboard, and how  much more I find out, and learn about the computers operating system every day. We have had a computer in the house since around 1982 starting with a little VIC 20 with a tape deck and a little portable TV for a monitor, it was some time before we could afford a printer which I am almost sure cost around a thousand dollars.
That was then now it is twelve and a half years now its about fourteen years and Gods  .ucking assassin' is getting closer every day.