Because all the BOB books have been written around the experiences and events that happened and occurred during my first sixty odd years, it seems reasonable for me anyway to conclude that those experiences are somewhat to blame for what many have claimed are my ARSE about FACE views of this world we live in.
While I can claim the BOB BOOKS  have been influenced by my rural (country) school and  working years, therefore are NON-FICTION, however there is no doubt since I retired and have had  time to look behind the smiling mannequins on the news channels,(actually most are that shallow and false you can see straight through them) and read   between the lines of the  obviously censored publications (that  claim to be newspapers) there is no doubt  the last almost 10 years have influenced my thinking to where I believe  my other  books are also  within spitting distance of the  definition of NON-FICTION.
NON-FICTION according to some educated buggers anyway, is generally speaking believed by the author to be factual at its time of composition. Therefore since I believed the other than BOB BOOKS to be factual at the time of their composition it enables me to claim they also come under the umbrella, or generally speaking are not far away from a liberal definition or interpretation of being NON-FICTION.
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